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"Looking Up To Heaven."
— by Chancie Martin Chancie Martin
I came across this in my Bible this morning and wanted to share it with ya'll. I really needed to find this today and hopes that it helps someone else as much as it made things clearer for me!

 "The Christian life is not a matter of doing great things for God. That's religion. Christianity is doing great things with God. That's the life of Jesus Christ in us. How can we adopt a spirit of "looking up to Heaven" as we go through our day? Some Christian traditions have created symbols for this purpose (a crucifix, a cross worn around the neck, a painting of a Biblical scene, and so on). If you were to create a symbol that would remind you of your dependence on God, what would it be? Where would you put it? What are some other things you could do to maintain an attitude of consistently "looking up to Heaven"?
 Mine is a Bible verse I put at the bottom of my work email to make me double check what I just wrote. It's Proverbs 15:1 "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
 There are times when after I sent an email out, I see that I could choose my words better. I'm a work in progress, most definitely!