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Posted by Chancie Martin Chancie Martin
I have always enjoyed and excelled at writing, but being a mother of five, devout Christian, wife, and full-time part owner of a nursing home family-operated business leaves me little "spare" time! My sister-in-law suggested that I start a blog to share my experiences and life story with others so here goes! My purpose in creating this blog is to continue my growth as a Christian woman while dealing with the demands of everyday life. I hope to inspire other women in their walk with Christ and to help them see that life is not all about being perfect. We are all "Graceless" until we are granted God's Mercy! A day in our household consists of: getting 5 kids up, fed, dressed, and out the door to school and daycare. Then I am off to work where I work on the computer for most of the day billing and dealing with Medicare and private insurance companies. I am blessed to have a wonderful co-worker that has the same dedication to the job that I do. Together we deal with the struggles, headaches, and stress of collecting the money to keep our company running. Depending on the day, after I leave work I am headed to soccer, gymnastics, or church. Our family finishes up activities and heads home between 7 and 8 where we work together to get baths done, iron clothes for the next day, fix lunches, and feed pets. Once all the kids are in bed, my husband and I work on cleaning the house and washing clothes. It's a busy life, but they are only small for so long and we want them to have all the experiences they want before it is too late.

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Hello Chancie, you have such a wonderful blog asnd you are differntly a very good person and I love you