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I felt the need to write this blog tonight due to a very special person in my life. When writing about personal experiences, you tend to open yourself up to be hurt, embarrassed or looked at differently. But, whatever it might open up for me is nothing compared to what this one special person could lose if the truth on my own struggles of following our Precious Savior is kept inside. Maybe it could help you or someone in your own family.
In the past I have always believed in God and Jesus Christ as my Savior but I never really picked up the Bible to read myself. I knew the basic stories of Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark and the cute stories you read to your kids in their Bibles. I taught those stories to my preschoolers when I taught 3 year olds and in my home daycare. In my home daycare I had my 2 and 3 yr olds reciting the Lord’s Prayer. I did not live a selfish, sinful life either. My life was my family. I think that Satan was not as threatened by me because my audience wasn’t older people that possibly could talk with others and spread the Good news. Now, I’m not saying that 2, 3 & 4 yr olds can’t spread the word. They are limited to family and few other people unless you are like the little boy who visited Heaven. Which I’d like to add is a very good book to read if ever in doubt or just to read for fun. “Heaven is for Real,” my husband read it in two hours the other night. When you are really starting to spark flames with God’s word the Devil attacks everything you hold dear. He will hit your mind, your family, your friends and finances until he takes all that spark. You are no longer a big threat to him and he twists your mind into wondering why work so hard? You only get one life, why make it so stressful on yourself? I’m so thankful that Jesus did not feel that way.
My struggle started two years ago because of family issues. The issues aren’t as important as how Satan turned that into his weapon. I hit rock bottom one day to the point I was afraid to be alone. I didn’t know whether to hide, cry or kill myself. I felt so insecure with my life, my kids and my family. I just wanted everything to stop so I could breathe for just a minute if I could get that. If it couldn’t stop, I wanted to disappear. We had started going back to church a month prior and I had started understanding what I was hearing for the first time ever. I wanted to tell people. Then the Devil appeared, no, not in person because that would have been way too easy to fight. When you see the bad, you can win against it because you know exactly what you are up against. But when he plays with your mind through your thoughts, you think it’s you. The only place I felt safe was at church. I felt such a relief just knowing I was going to church! I wanted to go every time the doors opened. My insecurities came back stronger the more I got in the Word. I started fearing dying and leaving my kids, I wanted to cry, I didn’t want to be left alone and I’d panic if I knew I was driving somewhere by myself. Not too many people if any knew this because I don’t want anyone to EVER think I’m a broken person. I’ve worked way too hard to be a strong person that being so weak went so against anything I believed myself to be. But, I was weak, so weak! It brings tears to my eyes now to even think about how I was compared to how I am now. God is so GREAT to me! Through God, Church, my Church family, my husband, my very best friend in the whole wide world (you know the one that really knows you to the point you have to kill her if you aren’t friends anymore (just joking)) and family, I made it through. It was like a cancer. The Devil is like a Cancer. With Cancer, you can either let it take over and it kills you or you can fight it with medicine. Medicine in this case is the Bible, Church, Church family and friends. The survival success is 100% as long as you trust in God and remember how you feel every time you pick up that Bible and read, or every time you talk to that one person that truly understand what you are going through and doesn’t tell you what to do but leads by example. The Devil is laughing at you every time he gains an inch of your life. He gets one inch further every time you trust in the Lord and share his word.
It has been two years. I’m constantly learning more about our savior and more about my own self. I still have scars inside and sometimes get tired of the struggles but I know in my heart that on the other side there will be no struggles just rewards. That is what I focus on if the trial seems too great. You will still have your days and it is ok. Just know, no matter how alone you are, God is right there and Jesus will carry you home. No one will suffer the scars Jesus has for you!
We had our ladies Bible Study this past Sunday night. Our focus was on “Heaven’s Oscars.” The Bible states 5 rewards you can get once you are in Heaven. There are more according to what I read in our Bible Study but the Bible tells us of 5 rewards we are eligible to receive.
The Victor’s Crown: (1 Corinthians 9:25-27) it requires discipline and training; training requires the ability to say “no” when necessary even things that are not sinful; example would be putting down that remote to read for 15 minutes in the Bible or even choosing the healthy snack instead of the chocolate cake; Paul illustrates the difference between an athlete and non-athlete. The athlete trains and is discipline him/herself to do whatever it takes to win while a non-athlete has less a desire to train and discipline him/herself to win.
Crown of Rejoicing: (1 Thessalonians 2:19) the soul winner’s crown; Christians who talk about Jesus to each other; who ever invited you to church or introduced you to Jesus is in the running for this crown; if you have invited someone to church or introduced anyone to Jesus, you are in the running
Crown of Righteousness: (2 Timothy 4:8) having the longing of the Lord Jesus to come back
Crown of Life: (James 1:12; Revelation 2:10) it is given to those who maintain their love for Christ while enduring and triumphing over persecution and temptation; it is for anyone who have suffered, endured, persevered, and encouraged others to do so as well, those who have kept the faith when it was costly to do so
Crown of Glory: (1 Peter 5:4) it is for faithful shepherds of people; pastors, elders, deacons, leaders with visibility in the church; it’s for all those who were shepherds of the sheep at some level—small groups, Sunday school classes
Not only did I learn about the 5 crowns but a few things were cleared up to me that I’d like to share for those that are confused about being saved.
When you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, he took away all your sins. Not just the ones you committed before you accepted him but for those you will commit after you accepted him. So, through your faith in Jesus Christ you are saved. I felt a little insecure because I have not done nearly the same amount of good deeds someone else had done so what business do I have for saying I’m being saved. However, what I learned through my Bible study was I’m not doing good works to be saved, I’m doing good works because I am saved.
Usually when I’m trying to understand something, I relate it back to what I know. I know what it feels like to be a parent. Not too long ago, my oldest Son, Hunter was asked to clean their bathroom, he wasn’t feeling up to it so he said he didn’t want to. After telling him the long list of what I do for him when I don’t want to, I ended up cleaning the bathroom. You might wonder what was accomplished by me cleaning his bathroom. I got a clean bathroom for one. However, both of us learn something that night. I realized that if God listed for me all that he does for me every time I don’t want to do something and rebel, I’d still be sitting there from the first time I rebelled. Hunter realized that he was being selfish, disrespectful and he cleaned the bathroom today without a hesitation.  An hour after I listed everything I did for him, he gave me a hug and apologized. That was one of the many hardest hour of disciplining I have gone through with him but it was worth it.
I want share a story that Dr David Jeremiah shared with us at the end of our Sunday Bible Study. I was able to find it online and the Author is unknown. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did hearing it Sunday night.
An old missionary couple had been working in Africa for years and were returning to New York to retire. They had no pension; their health was broken; they felt defeated, discouraged, and afraid.

As the trip began, they discovered they were on the same ship as President Teddy Roosevelt, who was returning from one of his big-game hunting expeditions.

No one paid any attention to them. They watched the fanfare that accompanied the President's entourage, with passengers trying to catch a glimpse of the great man. As the ship moved across the ocean, the old missionary said to his wife, "Something is wrong."

"Why should we have given our lives in faithful service for God in Africa all these many years and have no one care a thing about us? Here this man comes back from a hunting trip and everybody makes much over him, but nobody gives two hoots about us."

"Dear, you shouldn't feel that way," his wife said.

He replied "I can't help it; it just doesn't seem right."

When the ship docked in New York, a band was waiting to greet the President. The mayor and other dignitaries were there. The papers were full of the President's arrival. No one noticed the missionary couple. They slipped off the ship, disappeared in the crowd, and found a cheap flat on the East Side, hoping the next day to see what they could do to make a living in the city.

That night the man's spirit broke. He said to his wife, "I can't take this; God is not treating us fairly." His wife replied, "Why don't you go in the bedroom and tell that to the Lord?" A short time later he came out from the bedroom, but now his face was completely different. His wife asked, "Dear, what happened?"
The Lord settled it with me. I told Him how bitter I was that the President should receive this tremendous homecoming, when no one met us as we returned home. And when I finished, it seemed as though the Lord put His hand on my shoulder and simply said;
"You're not home yet."
The Author is unknown
Have a Blessed Day!


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The past couple of weeks have been emotional for me, as a Christian, mother, wife and employer of a family business. When I first started to write on my blog, I wanted to write about my life but then thought, it’s not about me. I want to tell people about God and what I am learning and take me out of the picture totally. I felt nervous at first and didn’t know whether I was going in the right direction with what I was writing. Were people really getting anything from what I wrote? Have I misquoted what God was saying? What is my punishment for doing something as horrible as telling people one thing when God meant it another way? All these things and more were running through my mind every time I hit the post button to put my writings on my blog. Then, the time factor came into play. Have you ever been so proud of yourself about being committed every day to doing something like exercising, reading a book or as simple as making your bed? Then you don’t know what happen but now you cannot find time to do any of what you were so proud of yourself for doing so well. Well, I hit that the past few weeks!
Sometimes, I think it is God’s way of giving us time to really digest what all we have taken in whether in daily devotionals, Sunday school class or Church. There is just so much our brains can take in, digest and dish out correctly. We might be going through something at that moment in time and God gives us a little insight through a chapter, a conversation with someone, or just a passing thought in your head.
I also believe that it can be the devil tempting us. In Sunday school, last Sunday we had two pictures in our book. One picture was a rocky road with over-grown bushes and plants but still a rocky path that you could walk down. The other picture was what you would see in a well-kept garden. A nice green grassy path that was very pleasing to the eyes. Our teacher had asked when we are walking with Christ, which path do we feel like we are on, the rocky path or the grassy path that was pleasing to the eye? I chose the rocky path, and then said we would make it to the grassy path. God knows that our path will not always be easy. He knows that we will be tempted by the devil. After 40 days of fasting in the desert, the devil tried to tempt Jesus with food. The devil gets us when we are weak because he knows we are tired and hungry for relief. He laughs as soon as he gets us and doesn’t want to let us go. Can we get away? Sure we can with trust and faith in Jesus.
My one weakness is my children and husband. It used to be death but I’m strong against that now. How? When I did my first devotional on Revelations by Beth Moore, she had said that the Devil has a strong hold on us to fear death. I cannot find my workbook to quote where she got it from. I’ll have to look for it and put it in a future post. We give the devil his power every time we fall for his temptation. Two Sundays ago, my oldest was suffering major earache which was very emotional for him which made it the same for me. I didn’t know what we were dealing with. I knew the pain was too much to be a normal ear infection. I had to argue with the doctor that I had given the antibiotic enough time to work and it wasn’t working. Then, I had to watch Hunter shake uncontrollably and cry in pain until they gave us pain meds. I know my family and some co-workers might not agree totally but I dislike any confrontations. They wear me out emotionally because I don’t want to sound stupid, look crazy and I just don’t like how it makes me feel afterwards. I’d much rather tuck my tail and walk away. I had some confrontation going on two Sundays ago! Have you ever felt something and just couldn’t place what it was but you knew it was something? Well, I had this strong feeling deep inside that I couldn’t explain. I just felt that something was not right and I had to keep pressing until I knew what was going on with his ear. They continued Monday morning until we got to see the ENT doctor. I found out what it was after the doctor looked into his ear. God was with Hunter just as he was with Ella. Hunter had a severe infection in the bone in his ear canal. It was a swimmers ear gone bad! I read on Web MD that if left untreated, it could be fatal. The infection was so bad that it created puss that was on his eardrum which the doctor used a special tool to suck it out. The infected bone was very close to his brain where the infection could have gone. And, I was told I didn’t give antibiotics enough time to work. It was Monday; he had started antibiotics on Saturday. Not to mention, the pain medicine that was prescribed was 2 Loritab every 4 to 6 hours. I gave him half a dose partly because my mom, a nurse told me that sounded like too much for him to take and partly because I don’t usually give my children the full dosage of pain medicine. The ENT said that the dosage was for a 200lb man and he was glad I didn’t give him what was prescribed! Poor Hunter! After, feeling somewhat ok with Hunter’s ear, I thought back to the past day and was grateful God was there pushing me and was exhausted because of the confrontations (not to mention lack of sleep)! I just wonder how God did it! He gave his one and only son to suffer for our sins and I am still exhausted going through a severe infection with my own son!
At work, I had a lot to get done from collecting information to bill correctly to actually doing the billing. Along with that, I had deal with other aspects of my job. And, did I mention I had to get my work done and pick Gracie up from school and have her at cheer practice by 4:00 pm until 7:30 that night? Tuesday wasn’t as crazy until Braydon, our younger son hit Hunter in the ear with a tennis ball! Back to the ENT that next morning to see if any damage was done! This is just some of how our life is with 5 busy kids, full time job and trying to do the best we can to live a Christ-filled life. It isn’t easy! God knows it isn’t easy. And, my answer is: Not everything worthwhile is easy. It’s not about the grassy path or the rocky path, it about how you chose to walk down which ever path is thrown your way that matters.
As Christians, we will walk down both the grassy path for a while then something will happen in our lives that sends us down the rocky path. How many of us are quick to say that God must be punishing me for something or God is no longer at my side through this suffering. I can honestly answer that I have never blamed God for the bad things that have happen in my life. In my younger years (not that I’m old) I suffered abuse. I was told before I got married that I’d never be able to get pregnant. My mother-in-law died right before we got pregnant with the twins. Since I was close with her, I knew exactly where she was going. That doesn’t stop the tears from falling every time I miss her but it is a sense of comfort. There are days when I get a whiff of her perfume when no one has walked by me or I’ll be looking up a verse in the Bible she gave me and the page opens to it. Those are the times I really feel her presence. I know my life tragedies are nowhere near others such as losing a parent, sibling, wife/husband or a child. But, have you ever stopped to think, God knows those feelings of losing a child. Anyone out there reading this blog that has lost a child, God has not left you. God is right next to you comforting you and your family; he felt those very same pains when he gave his son to save you! The only difference is he willing gave up his son because he thought that much of us. Can you imagine the guilt God felt with every nail that went into his son’s hands & feet to cover our sins with his blood? God has a purpose for everything, whether good (new life) or bad (Jesus on the cross). The more you try to take it out of his hands the further away he seems from you but he’s right there waiting to take it back as soon as you are willing to give it up to serve his purpose.  What is your purpose? Life is way too short on earth to take him out of it. Eternity is too long to if you never ask God in your heart to serve his purpose. You might be thinking that you have nothing to give or serve, everyone does. That longing in your heart to stay alive and have a connection with someone or thing is what God made us for. We long to not die because our souls do not die, that connection is the connection we share with Jesus Christ! You find him, build a relationship with him by reading about him and your longing for a connection is complete.
God knows that our everyday battles are too much for us to bear alone. Share it with him and he will take it away. Give him a chance. What do you have to lose?
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In my emotional journey with my walk with Christ, I never really could grasp the concept of bowing down at Christ’s feet. I mean when I finally get to see our Lord and Savior, I want to see his face not his feet.
One of my many favorite contemporary Christian songs is “Love has come” by Mark Schultz. . This is the link so you can hear the song. My favorite part is “every knee shall bow.” That’s when it started clicking in my head. All I could picture in heaven was many Christians kneeling before our savior as he approaches. It still sends chills all over my body. I realized that when that time comes in my own life, I will have no problem falling to my knees. I think it will be automatic.

This past weekend and week has been an emotional roller coaster for me and I’m sure for my husband and kids. I don’t know how it is at everyone else’s house but when I’m on a roller coaster, my husband and kids are in a cart behind me! I know I had just written on Sunday on my blog about my oldest son (Hunter) and his ear problems. On Monday, I called the ENT center as I was instructed by both the doctor from after hours and the on call ENT doctor. After a conversation with the appointment desk and a promise for a call back within a hour, I took Hunter to work with me. It is the first of the month for me which means long hours at my desk billing. What my office mate and I do plays a major impact on money flow into the company for the month. To get across how important our job is to running the company, both my office mate and I planned as best as we could the delivery of our babies around the first of the month. I had my twins on May 15th and she had her precious baby girl on the 19th. Both of us were on bed rest and continued to work non-stop from the comforts of our homes. Well, as comfortable as you could be pregnant and cut off from the world! Get the idea of how important our job is?

We are only at work for thirty minutes when the ENT center calls and tells me to bring him in. I’m on stress mode due to my billing not getting done and I’m taking Hunter to a doctor that I really didn’t care too much for at the time but he was the only one I could see that soon. I would like to point out something on that (Not caring too much for the doctor taking care of my child through a stressful illness).When my husband and I went through Ella’s meningitis at six months of age, we were greeted at the second hospital by a doctor I had claimed I would never take my child back too! (You can read about Ella’s illness in my first story part of the website) Both doctors, I thought at that time, had the wrong personality to be working with kids! As I am writing this, I am at the ENT center in one of the rooms waiting to see the doctor. In the other room is a toddler screaming in fear and then you hear the doctor holler out, “I need some help in here!” It’s funny how I am writing about the same thing I hear going on in the next room. I wonder if that Mother is judging that doctor as harshly as I judged them when I was going through that very same thing ten years earlier? But back to that awful doctor that saved my precious Ella’s life. If it weren’t for that doctor (with God’s help) that I could not stand, I don’t know where I’d be now. About 8 months later, Ella had gotten sick and I called to get her seen. Guess what? He was the only doctor that could see her. I happily took her. I was all set to remind him who she was when he surprised me! As he walked into the room, he held out his hand and had the friendliness smile on his face. Totally different from ten years earlier and Ella did not once cry as he check her out. He had told me that he had often wondered how she was doing and that she was a very sick baby. He had told me at the hospital when he had diagnosed her, that in all his years of being a doctor he had never seen a case as severe as hers was. I was taken aback by that whole visit. The doctor that I had not cared too much for is now the doctor that I would trust with my most precious gift, my children. The doctor that is helping us get through Hunter’s ear problem is a great doctor as well. He could have easily told me the same thing that the other two doctors told me, “You’re not giving the medicine enough time to work.” He took one look in Hunter’s ear and knew it was more than an ear infection. It was so much more serious.

It is funny how God puts people in our lives that we would choose not to deal with in a crisis. In the end, they are the best person to go through the crisis with.

Whether it was the doctors that day I formed my negative opinion about them or me, a new momma sensitive about her first baby, it doesn’t really matter. I’m so glad that God chose to put those people in my life exactly when my babies needed them the most.

In relating this back with my whole intent for sharing this particular blog entry with you was my understanding of bowing down at Christ feet or even understanding why people bow down at all when it comes to our Savior. I have always been a person that tries really hard to not show weakness. I have learned that I was actually getting emotions and weakness as one in the same with every aspect in my life. It wasn’t up until a few years ago, that I let anyone see me cry. To me, crying meant you were weak and broken. I have had issues in my past that I never would tell anyone, except my husband of course, until recently. It was because I didn’t want anyone to think I was broken because I’m not. I thought people would define me by my past. It is true that your past plays a part in who you are but it’s how you handle yourself with God’s guidance that is how you should define yourself. In reality, every one of us is broken, it’s God who heals us. In the Webster dictionary bowing down means: bend one's knee or body, or lower one's head; "He bowed before the King"; "She bowed her head in shame" One definition means to show respect and praise. The other definition means to show shame. And, I have always thought of it as showing weakness. Weakness, shame, respect and praise all describe our relationship with our Savior. We, as Christians are weak compared to our powerful Savior. Joshua was weak without God. However, with God leading the way, the Jordan River parted so that the people could cross and the walls came tumbling down after seven days of marching. (Joshua 3 and Joshua 6) We all sin and fall short of the Glory of God so we should feel shame in the presence of God. We bow down to one knee weak and ashamed to show respect for the God who saved us from our own selves. We should praise him in every way. As a mother of five precious children that God gave me as a gift, I praise him and respect him because he saved them, my husband and me. I’m not meaning from the grips of death with illnesses. I’m talking about saving them from evil and giving them everlasting life by paying the price on that cross many years ago so that we will ALWAYS be together in this life on earth and in Heaven for eternity.  

Today could be a new day for you because he chose you first!  

God Bless!
Chancie Martin

Pick a church and try it out if you do not have a church home. I Love my church home! If you need one, just either email me @ or on facebook send me a message. I’d be happy to share where I go to church. We even have our wonderful pastor’s sermons on our church’s website(
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A lot of things have happened since my last post. I try to think of different things to write about that might help someone out there see Christ in their own lives. I have had a thought in my head but didn’t know how to write about until today. It’s about describing God’s Love for each and every one of us. Two or three weeks ago in Sunday school we talked about Comfort. The study opened up with two questions: How do you feel when your child is hurting? & Is it difficult to believe that God responds to you the same way? I don’t know how it is with some people but when questions like the two above are asked, I have a lot of thoughts on it. Sometimes however my thoughts need to be processed for a few days or weeks before I can even understand them.  I find the same thing happens when I really want to understand a certain verse in the Bible. Even when I’m in a devotional, I have to back up a day or a week to process what I’m learning because it starts to get stuck and nothing else is going in my head until a take a break! Now, I’m not taking a break from God. I talk to God daily and thank him more than once a day! Because I have a busy life with being a wife, a mother of 5 busy kids, church, and a fulltime job, I try to take advantage of any quiet time I can get to reflect on what I’ve been studying in the Bible. My quiet time is usually when I’ve dropped the twins off at daycare and I’m on my way to work. I have really been thinking about those two questions above.
Today, we had our normal Sunday with Sunday school and church. We were a little tired because Saturday was a busy day that started before 8:00 am and finished around midnight. It was a great Saturday! Gracie had her last three soccer games for the season and we ended it with the boys’ soccer team party. Well today after church I took Hunter to an after-hours pediatrician’s office because he was in a lot of pain with his ear. The same question kept going through my head on how do I feel when my child (Hunter at that time) is hurting? I hurt for him.  Hunter was in so much pain that his eyes were blood shot, he shook every time he felt sharp pain go through his ear then he started feeling tingling in his fingers, face and ear. I think the tingling came from his breathing. He was nearly hyperventilating with every sharp pulsating pain. The night before, Jon, Hunter and I camped out on the couch in the living room so we could be there to comfort Hunter and warm up his rice hot pack whenever he started hurting. I remember telling him to breathe and we were there to get him through the pain. A light bulb went off in my head that made me think about the second question. Is it difficult to believe that God responds to you the same way? God does do the same for us. I have learned that fact through trials in my own life but now I could explain it to others through my experience with Hunter last night and today at the doctor’s office.
I got the following passage in devotional by Randy Alcorn “Heaven.” We often think backwards. We tend to start with earth and reason up towards Heaven, when instead we should start with Heaven and reason down towards earth. For instance, when God calls Himself a father and us children, He’s not just accommodating Himself to our earthly family structure. On the contrary, He created father-child relationships to display His relationship with us, just as He created human marriage to reveal the love relationship between Christ and His bride (Eph 5:32).
God gave us someone to love so we could understand how he loves us. As a mother, I wanted so much to take on that pain Hunter was going through so he didn’t have to suffer anymore. I let him squeeze my hand as tight as he needed to ease the pain. It got to where as soon as he felt pain, he reached out for my hand and it comforted his pain. However, if he didn’t hold my hand, tears started rolling and he had a hard time handling the pain. Look at Hunter’s pain as the trouble and pain in your own life. Then look at my love and my hand as what God can do for you. With every pain you suffer, squeeze tight to God’s word and I promise, he will get you through it. He loves you as you love your own flesh and blood. He loves you as you love your spouse. If you don’t have a child or spouse, then think of someone you love so much you would give your own life for. Jesus did it for you! Maybe you are thinking, how can God love me as much as I love my own flesh and blood? There’s just no way! But, it’s true. We are God’s flesh and blood. We are his children if we choose to be.
Genesis 1:27 states: So God created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, in the IMAGE of GOD he CREATED HIM;
Whenever we are creating something, whether we are decorating a room for someone to stay the night at our house, coloring a picture with our kids or even playing with play-doh we are creating from the images in our mind. When we create something, it’s special and has meaning behind it. Think back to when you were a child and you created a special picture or clay sculpture for someone special in your life. It came from your heart. We came from God’s heart as stated in Genesis 1:27. I have a special shelf in my dining room for my children’s clay sculptures. They are special to me. I think about how their little fingers kneaded that clay with me in mind.
In Genesis 2:7 states: the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
So, is it difficult to believe that God responds to you the same way as a parent response to their hurt child? Not to me. It is more difficult for me to believe that I deserve that kind of response by God. We are SO lucky to have a protective, forgiving, loving and stern God. With every trial we go through in life, God sculpts us. If we would be silent while we are going through a trial for just a minute or two and listen, we will hear God speaking to us. I don’t mean by a loud voice coming through clouds or even from a burning bush, he uses people in our lives or strangers on the street to get his message to us.
In writing this blog, God used people in my own life to encourage me and to guide me to keep writing. The other day, Jon and I were at Kohl’s buying clothes for a family that had lost everything in the tornado’s that hit on April 27th, while in line a nice older lady offered us a 20% off coupon. The lady did not have coupon in her hand, she got out of line, went out to her car and brought the coupon to me. She did not get back into the line where she would have been standing, she got in the back of the line. She saved us $44.00. I thank God everyday for putting people like that in my life.
I hope you have a wonderful night!
God Bless!
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